zondag 13 mei 2012

Disassembled, a Marvel fan animation

After doing those Marvel designs, I felt like just making a short. At first, I wrote a big story but it never really worked. So then I just decided to animate a bunch of silly tiny sketches and edit them together, Robot Chicken style. The short can be watched here: https://vimeo.com/41930613

zaterdag 14 april 2012

The New Kid, pre-production greenlit!

We got some great news yesterday when we heard that the Dutch Filmfund will finance the pre-production for The New Kid (temporary working title)!

We'll start soon so expect a lot of new stuff!
Until then, here is some concept art we made.

This one was done by me:

Some character studies by co-director Davor Bujakovic:

Edwin Rhemrev created this amazing piece, be sure to visit his site!

and Ben Vinkenburg created these two awesome pieces:

maandag 5 maart 2012


After seeing the new Avengers trailer, I just got the sudden urge to draw Marvel characters in a weird wacky way. I'll probably do some more... this was fun...

zaterdag 7 januari 2012

The New Kid - more concept art

Still busy working on the New Kid! Honestly! Here's proof!

maandag 5 december 2011

The New Kid - some new sketches

We're still working on the story of 'The New Kid' but in the meantime, here are some new sketches:

zaterdag 12 november 2011

Musicvideo Guus Meeuwis - Nergens Zonder Jou (Ft. Gers Pardoel)

I just finished my first big assignment; a music video for Dutch artist Guus Meeuwis and rapper Gers Pardoel. I had 4 weeks, which isn't a lot of time for a 4 minute animated music video but thanks to some energydrinks I won't name here, I made it in time. Here is the video:

And here is some concept art:

And here is the cd cover:

Now buy the song!!!

woensdag 12 oktober 2011

The New Kid announcement

Good news everyone! With the help of our friends at il Luster Productions and Anikey Studios, me and Zagbliblör buddy Davor Bujaković are working on a new animated short!

As you can see, it's called 'The New Kid' and features a round green swamp thingy.

The project is still in a very early stage but here are two concept art pieces: