vrijdag 19 december 2008

Je Suis Casanova

This is an animation I made for a Dutch tv show. I made it together with a talented classmate (check out his work here: http://www.youtube.com/user/davoranimator)

maandag 15 december 2008


Here are Strong Bad and Trogdor from Homestar Runner... only in a somewhat different light... I made this for a contest. Next week some more original work.

maandag 1 december 2008

Still Monday

Well it's still monday...
Anyway, I spend the last hour doing some caricature tests because it's something I always try to improve. Luckily, I'm blessed with a weird cartoonish shaped head, so it's fun experimenting in different styles on that gigantic thing on my neck

Because it's Monday

And I hate Mondays, a fact that has nothing to do with this next piece:

zondag 30 november 2008

Dude, visitors!

I have to come up with an idea for my final animation of this schoolyear soon... and made this while brainstorming

donderdag 20 november 2008

I think I overdid it...

Well today was costume try-outs day (see previous post) and I have no idea why but I had the urge to draw the main character in a weird "Look at me, I know how to Photoshop!"-kinda way...

woensdag 19 november 2008

Adventures in [difficult name here]

This is the moving storyboard for an animated credit sequence for the musical I co-wrote.
Deadline is April 2009.... so I better get started...

vrijdag 7 november 2008


Well these are the first two pictures of an upcoming pirate project. Just for the record, I have something with pirates. Sometimes it even scares me... So expect a lot more pirates in the future...

donderdag 16 oktober 2008

Following the herd

Well, well.... Everyone who calls himself an artist these days has a blog so I can't stay far behind can I? I already have my own site (www.imaJunation.com) where all kinds of artwork can be found so I'll save this blog for sketches and other stuff I guess...

Anyway, time to post some completely random art now....

This is a quick character thingy for one of my twisted comic (I'll probably never make) concepts. Some of them look allright, some of them don't. A certain German dictator for example, looks far too young (and nothing like his real life counterpart, although his real life counterpart can't quite be 'real life' since he's dead)

The leadsinger of a band who happens to be a good friend of mine.