vrijdag 22 oktober 2010

Avonturen in Zagbliblör Titlesequence

So after almost 2 years of saying I will finish this thing, I have decided not to. It's a shame because it's pretty close to completion but I just don't have the time to animate those last few bits. Nonetheless, I think it still contains some pretty cool animation.

It's the titlesequence for the musical I wrote with Dennis Impink two years ago. The musical was performed by our old highschool.

Speaking of animation, all the best bits are animated by Davor Bujakovic, someone who can animate faster than his own shadow (it's true, i've seen it!).

The amazing music is done by the Belgian Joris Hermy. It was a difficult task for him to time the drums to the storyboard, but he did it and it made the sequence ten times more epic.

Thanks guys!

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