vrijdag 9 januari 2009

More pirates!

Because more pirates will make the world a better place.

3 opmerkingen:

CirOlmo zei

WOW IS VERY VERY BEAUTIFULL!Congratulation for dyamic of the action line of characters!!!

Beldak zei

Very nice. I truly envy the way you seemingly without effort, relay emotions and strength in your character drawings. Truly great. To criticize however.. Sometimes you completely lose the strength you built up in the face and arms. For example; the second pirate's legs, the third pirate is out of balance, the first and fourth pirate's legs are rather dull. I hope you can make those bits more expressive. Try more model drawing and stuff :p

And on a sidenote, the last two suffer from the above far less. Very nice work there. Keep it up!

rhemrev zei

Hey Junaid, jij hebt hier anders ook erg leuk werk zeg, ik krijg helemaal zin om ook piraten te tekenen nu! :D

Teken ze,