zaterdag 31 januari 2009

Über-sketch-action-post 4000 XP PRO!!!

Well, time for some sketches...
Two weeks ago, I had a quicksketch seminar which was really fun to do. Here are some of the sketches from that week...

The first day was people drawing day:

The second day we went to the zoo in Rotterdam, were the infamous Bokito resides. This was the first time I tried sketching animals, which turned out to be pretty hard because they can't stay still, especially the monkeys (which were awesome, by the way)

The third day we went to Haarlem were we spended most of the time walking in and around the giant church. It was very cold that day so I didn't do much...

These last three pieces have nothing to do with the seminar, just something I was doodling last night in the train.

4 opmerkingen:

Beldak zei

Erg cool zijn deze allemaal. Je gaat echt vooruit!

Maar, deel met ons, jouw hongerige publiek. Quick sketching, wat houd het precies in? Wat leerde je en hoe lang duurde die sketches dan?

Junaid zei

Snelschetsen, kwam neer op gewoon meer aandacht besteden aan schetsen en hoe je die kunt verbeteren

de aap zei

Die eerste aap is echt wel gaaf!

Nathanael Lark zei

Very nice shapes and energy/expression in these poses. Great job!